hi there

i'm pretty stoked that you found my little corner of the internet! i’m rachelle foster and i live + hang in tulsa, oklahoma. 

i’m a full-time designer at my church and when i’m not designing things, you can probably find me planning a new adventure, hanging out with my people, or roaming the town for the best coffee.

one of my favorite things is the ability to take a moment and make it last forever. i love people and the fact that i can capture the little moments + details that make you. helping make you look + feel your best brings me so much joy. 

God has placed a fierce love of people + heart to capture people’s story and i could not be more blessed that i get to opportunity to do this. 





a little more about me

 + sunflowers are my absolute favorite.
+ i love disney + pixar movies
 + i used to collect hot wheels
+ you can usually find me hunting down
the best coffee or just coffee in general because that is my life.


+ i think words are so powerful, so i'm a big fan of good poetry
+ enfj + type 2w3 on enneagram
+ i have this bad habit of buying all the black clothes


thanks for stopping by! let's create some magic together! 


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